Lavender Mint Graphics - Vintage Notecards

“Vintage Notecards” Printable Cards

Hey y’all. Told y’all I was taking a bit of a different design direction and if you’d snagged any of the freebies or signed up for my email letters (notes? lol) you’ve already seen the detour. This design was something I came up with for a Skillshare class I took. These were doodles I took into Adobe Illustrator to create a pattern because I knew I wanted some different color variations, or colorways. AI’s recolor tool is awesome and makes recoloring motifs or patterns so unbelievably easy. And fun. One could spend hours recoloring things – all at the click of a mouse.

After that, I took another class on making printable greeting cards on Skillshare, also using AI to create the card templates, both bleed and non-bleed. If those are new terms to you, and they were to me, it’s where the design goes a bit beyond the cut or crop marks so that when you cut out the card there are no white edges showing. Non-bleed is where there is a white background and there’s no worry of having white edges showing because the edges are already white.

There was time in between the two classes so the patterns I’d created just sat – along with quite a few other things I’m afraid – on my computer. But once I took the card template class, I though okay … I can create a set of notecards with those patterns! At this point in time, I’m thinking I may go more into stationery design (notecards, greeting cards, etc.), but don’t hold me to that. Just having that iPad Pro and Apple pen have opened up a lot of different possibilites which I’m having a blast discovering.

Which is why my posts and email letter – notes – have been missing in action. And, I’ve also been mulling over for quite some time, either adding Shopify to this website or switching completely over to Shopify so that if you see something you’d like you can buy it directly from my website. For now, I’ve opted to go with Shopify Lite and once I get an SSL Certificate (so you can shop securely) there will also be a way for you to buy directly from here. How cool is that?

**UPDATE (4/25/18): I now have an SSL Certificate added to my site, which means my website is secure. You should see a lock to the left of my website name in your browser.**

**UPDATE (7/10/18): I dropped the Shopify Lite, but may go with something else that will allow me to sell directly from here soon.**

I’m also contemplating adding a Resource Library. That’s so that those of you on my email newsletter list can access all the other email freebies that you might have missed out on as before signing up. You’d receive a password and then you can go in and grab any new goodies I upload.

Below are the notecards I mentioned, called “Vintage Notecards”. There are four different colors and they are blank inside. They are for personal use only and you may print them out as often as you’d like.

As always, thanks for visiting!


Lavender Mint Graphics - Vintage Notecards

Lavender Mint Graphics - Vintage Notecards

Lavender Mint Graphics - Vintage Notecards

Lavender Mint Graphics - Vintage Notecards

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