Lovebirds Valentines Day Digital Papers

“Lovebirds” Valentines Day Paper Pack Release

I know this is late. My bad. But, if you read my last post you’ll know why.

I am still navigating through the maze of surface pattern design and figuring out where I fit in. I have a few patterns at some POD (Print ODemand) sites. I love seeing my patterns on physical items – pillows, rugs, phone cases, etc. I have a feeling I’ll end up leaning towards more paper type products over time. But we’ll see. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m best at and what my strengths are.

Along with Skillshare I signed up for three months at Textile Design Lab through Pattern Observer. They offer courses on learning the ins and outs of surface design. There’s a great class on Photoshop and I’m learning a few things I didn’t know. They also have courses on Illustrator, so I’m hoping to squeeze those in before my trial is up.

For one of the classes, I decided to create a pattern for Valentines Day. I created the motifs, which are pretty much like elements in the scrapbook world. Sort of lol. I created them on my iPad Pro in the Procreate app, then created the pattern in Photoshop. I decided to turn them into a paper pack, adding some basic, traditional patterns to round out the pack. These papers do not have any texture to them.

I *hope* to begin adding pics of my process to give you some behind the scenes look at how things come into being. Once I get working, I’m terrible at remember to take pictures! Sometimes things start out as doodles in my sketch pad, others I just start creating right in whatever app I’m using on my iPad.

That’s about it for now! Check out “Lovebirds” – I have more views of the papers in my stores.

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Lovebirds Valentines Day Digital Papers

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