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  1. Hello,
    Happy Holidays!! I am so sorry to bother you… But drop box is saying the files are unavailable. I am not sure if it is maxed out for the day or another problem. I just wanted to check with you. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter!!

  2. Hi! I`m writing from Buenos Aires Argentina my native language is spanish so sorry If my sentences don`t make any sense =)! I read your post in pixelscraper and I saw the template you made named “thankful”. I`m a textile designer and I`m not familiar with photoshop but I would love to show my works like the “thankful” image you presented. Can you please tell me wich program do you use and if it photoshop can you tell me how to do it? or is it very difficult to explain? I would love if you could help me =) thanks a lot!! ♥ Marcela

    1. Hi Marcela! You’re English is good! I use Photoshop Elements 12 and Paint Shop Pro (8, an old version). Are you needing to know how to use the kit or how to create the kits?

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