Walk with me, talk with me - share!

Walk with me, talk with me. Share your thoughts!

Warning, warning! I’ve been doing something that could be dangerous! I have been thinking on some things. For awhile now actually. So, who better than to get some thoughts on those things than YOU!

At the first of this year – yes, that was almost six months ago – I decided I wanted to throw in some posts that had more to do with just the latest product or freebie on the blog. In my “About Me” page, I even mentioned I might do that. My blog is three years old and I think I’ve maybe done it once. Once in three years. Mama mia.

Okay, so I know I love reading about people’s favorite phone apps, recipes, product reviews, etc. Things that have nothing to do with digital designing. To show how indecisive I can be, I’ve even been reading some articles that talk about whether or not your blog should be about just one thing or not. More and more, I’m finding that people are beginning to “break the rules” and blog about various things even if they started out blogging on one topic.

Walk with me, talk with me - share!

Now, I don’t consider myself a blogger because I don’t blog in the true sense of blogging. But I also don’t like having big chunks of time between posts, which is going to be typical if all I do is offer up my latest design product or freebie. Because that depends on how much – or how little – I get to design new things.

I’ve also long thought about doing some YouTube tutorials. I actually do have a channel, but all it has is a couple of videos of my fur baby recovering from IVDD a few years back. When I changed my account over to my design name, the videos came along of course!

Since I love reading about a variety of topics and enjoy getting to know about someone other than what they do, I wondered if you might as well. And likewise, I’d like to think that you would like to know more about me than just the freebies I occasionally offer. I may give it a try.

So, what do YOU think? Feel free to leave me a comment below.

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    It’s always interesting to read what other people are experiencing, cooking, learning and generally just doing and so i fully support your idea of expanding your blog to include your interests, but I wouldn’t watch any u-Tube tutorials. But that is me personally and relates to our bad internet connection which means videos “hang” and “lag” and makes them difficult to view, and also because we pay for data here so it is too expensive to watch videos.
    But reading is different – would love to learn more about you via your blog!

    1. Hi Terri,

      Thank you SO much for your comments and taking the time to do so! Understood about the videos and the reasons. Those are something I’d like to eventually do, but it’s not a priority right now. I’m in the midst of redefining my design preferences (would welcome input that as well!), and what to post was amongst my ponderings as this post talked about. I will indeed share more about my interests. Thank you again for commenting – it made my day!! 😉

Let me know what you think! :)

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