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So, have you ever heard of Pinterest?  Sure you have.  Right?  I resisted joining Pinterest for a long time because I just didn’t get it.  I kept seeing people sharing their Pinterest interests on Facebook and just didn’t get it.  So, I thought to myself don’t even go there, you don’t need yet another thing to keep track of or get involved with.  Then the day came when something – I don’t even remember what – had me deciding to take a look at this Pinterest thing.  Hesitantly, I joined.  Oh my.  The Heaven’s opened and the rains (pins) came pouring down!

One of our challenges this week was to either convert our personal account into a business one, or open a business one, and to let our readers know about it.  I admit that for now, I’m trying to keep the personal side of me separated just a bit from this blog, the hobby-want-to-turn-to-business-someday side.  I’m sure the two will eventually merge, I’m just a bit shy to let family and friends know about this side of me.  Why?  I have no idea.

So, I opened a business Pinterest for Lavender Mint Graphics.  It’s new, so there’s not a whole lot there just yet, mainly just what I have here.  But, as with the personal account I have, I’m sure new boards will begin popping up like hotcakes.  While writing this post, I’ve decided to go with the new theme.  I like the layout – it looks nice and clean.  The black and gray colors I don’t like, but will be tweaking to get a look I like.  The Pinterest button, along with a button for my email and this WP blog, will be at the upper right.  Please click it and follow me on Pinterest!

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