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Hey all! Today I’m very happy to share a post from a dear designer friend of mine, Ania of Sunshine Inspired Designs.  I’m sure many of you know her, especially if you hang out a Pixel Scrapper. Ania has been one of a several designer friends I’ve made who have encouraged me and helped me in countless ways when I jumped into the new-to-me world of digital scrapbook design. Not being a scrapper, they never failed to answer questions and helped me with the scrapbook terms I wasn’t familiar with. Anyway, Ania is publishing her very first coloring book and I am happy to share that with you today! Ania also has a freebie page for you at the end 😉

And now, here’s Ania!

Hi, everyone! Ania from Sunshine Inspired Designs here. I’m so excited to be here with you celebrating the launch of my first coloring book!
I’m hosting a Launch Party Event for my Dreaming Of Florals Coloring Book in Sunshine Inspired Designs facebook community starting April 24th and I would be delighted to see you there. You have to join the group to participate. Find the event here. (link expired)
During the event I’ll be giving away free coloring pages from the book, I’ll host contests and giveaways. We will have lots of fun and I hope to see you there.

The Dreaming of Florals Coloring Book has 30 single sided flower patterns and provides hours of stress relief through creative expression. This coloring book includes 5 starter coloring pages to inspire you to create your own coloring page, a color wheel page, and a page to make your very own color chart… All printed on white paper, best to use with color pencils. This book is perfect for beginners as well as an expert colorists. “Dreaming of…Florals” includes designs that are detailed enough to guide you, but sparse enough to allow your own creativity to shine. The Print version of the book is available in 2 version 8.5×11 coloring book and 5×8 coloring journal and you can find both of them available for purchase here. (link expired)

This book is a perfect gift for flower lovers. Flower images range from lilacs, roses, and sunflowers to poppies, water lilies, succulents and more. You will also find a few creative florals.

This book includes a digital .pdf edition for unlimited printing, plus 5 additional floral patterns.

You can purchase the printable .pdf version of the book or single printable images from the book if you prefer to print them yourself in my Coloring Store (link expired).
For updates and 2 free pages from the book join My Coloring Newsletter.
Today I have for you an exclusive freebie available for next 2 weeks. It will expire on May 8th. So don’t wait just grab it and share your colored pages with me via social media.
**Here is the link for the download:  Free Coloring Page** (link has expired)
You can find me at:
@sunshine_inspired_designs >>>

I hope you check out Ania’s coloring book and follow her on your favorite social media hangouts!
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