Country Gingham Digital Paper

“Country Gingham” Paper Pack Release

I absolutely fell in LOVE with this color palette!!  Reminds me of being on the farm out in the country.  Not that we had a farm, but my grandparents did live in the country and we have kinfolk that had a farm.  I loved visiting there and couldn’t decide if I was a country girl at heart or a city girl.  A little of both, I guess, but being I loved and had horses when I was young, I’d have to opt with the country girl.  Where we live is becoming inundated with people (all hail “progress”) and I would welcome moving a bit north, buying a hundred acres, plopping a house down on it and call it good.  Anyway …

I really liked how these papers came out and they go along with my favorite time of the year which is – say it with me – FALL!!!!  There are twelve papers in this pack textured with that blue jean look I adore.  All in rustic country colors, 12×12 300dpi.  Get them in my Etsy Shop or at The Hungry JPEG.

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Get them in my Etsy Shop here.
Get them at The Hungry JPEG here.

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