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I’m a secretary by day, graphic designer by night.  I’m a very happily married woman (not kidding, just ask anyone), mother, and grandmother (still can’t believe that one).  I love the Lord and give glory to Him in and for everything.  We live in Texas (the hot part – ha) and we love to travel when we can afford it.  I’ve loved making graphics for years, beginning with PSP7 and upgrading to PSP8, which I still use occasionally.  People, that version is old!  It bothers me that Corel hasn’t seen fit to make PSP for Macs!  I bought Photoshop Elements but now use Photoshop – the mother ship!! 🙂

I’ve loved the look of scrapbooking graphics ever since I first saw them.  When I closed my last graphics site, which was for websets, I thought I was done making graphics, because I just didn’t see them being used with Blogger and WordPress becoming prevalent.  Shoot, I should have learned how to make blog wear … hmmm.  Anyway, I found myself saving things on Pinterest and hoarding freebie-anything-kit related.  So, I decided why not just get back into it and learn how to do this?  I think the biggest jolt is how utterly huge, ginormous, and – did I mention HUGE – the graphics are compared to webset graphics!

I’ve learned a LOT since first dipping my graphic toes into this adventure and love creating a variety of graphics.  I hope you enjoy your visit and will find something useful, whether it’s freebies here or in my shops.

Thanks for stopping by.



lm_ps2One of these days I’ll post a current pic of me.  For now, this will have to do.  I lost my sweet mother on July 9, 2014.  I was about two years old in this picture, and it’s one I’ve always loved.  Miss you, Mom, and love you always. 🙂

Let me know what you think! :)

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