Zen Doodles Digital Scrapbook Paper

“Zen Doodles” Digital Paper Pack

A few weeks ago, I shared on Instagram and on my Facebook Page some doodles I’d been working on. I stumbled on some zen doodles on Pinterest and YouTube and boom – I wanted to work up some doodles and turn them into a paper pack. Then the junk journals snagged my attention. Apparently I’m more easily distracted than I give myself credit for! Ha! Once I got the last set of digital papers released, I turned my attention to back to my poor lil’ patient doodles.

I got these colored in and had one of my designer friends to check them out for me. I kept thinking they might be too small, but she thought they looked fine, just needed a couple of line cleanups. I’m finding I tend to draw small. I try and try to start out bigger, but my bigger still turns into smaller.

I wasn’t too sure about the colors. I’d used the color palette before, but they grew on me so I kept them. Then came the next decision – texture or no texture. I adore texture, but sometimes doodles call for a clean look. But, in this case, I put a slight texture on them and loved the look. So, viola, they are textured. I haven’t put a non-textured version in my stores, but if anyone wants them with no texture, just let me know. Five of the papers are my own doodle creations, and five are traditional patterns. Please check out my shops to get more details about them. Links to each store are below the previews.

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