Two Quick Pages and Happy Mother’s Day!

First, I want to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day.  I know many of us will have mixed emotions due to whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.  I know for me, this is yet another in the “firsts” without my mom.  I can’t believe in just a few weeks she will have been gone for a year.  I miss her and wish I could have just a few more moments with her.  Even those “eye rolling”, “oh, mom!” moments!  I love waking up having dreamed about her, as I did just this morning.  Dreamed that us girls – Mom, my sister and me – were going shopping like we used to do.  I firmly believe that she still visits on occasion, whether in dreams, unexplained sounds or scents.  Even now, I will get whiff of her perfume at times when I’m not particularly thinking of her.  Some of you may think that’s just nuts, but it always catches me off guard and I believe with all that’s in me that it’s Mom visiting.

So, give your mom an extra squeeze for me and I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

I have discovered I love creating quick pages.  When I first joined Pixel Scrapper, I download a few kits but had no idea what I was going to do with them since I’m not a scrapper!!  I did create a few layouts and uploaded them to my Pixel Scrapper Gallery.  I just used some photos that I’d accumulated when I made websets to make the layouts.  Which reminds me I need to do that at Scrappy Bee as well since I joined over there.  Anyway, I’ve begun going back and using those kits to make quick pages.  I’m using templates as I haven’t ventured into making my own yet.  Well, I did make one and it was fun.  Clusters are another thing I want to get good at.  But, I love the quick pages when my own creative juices are a bit slow, or I want to design amongst the chaos of getting LMG out there.  It’s time consuming!  But educational for sure.

Which reminds me, I’ve also joined Instagram.  Not much there, but come follow me over there if you do Instagram.  I also have signups to receive a Newsletter.  Now, newsletters are just one more thing that’s new to me.  So, it will probably be a little bit before I get one out, but go ahead and sign up if you’d like to see me try my hand at that! lol

Oh, and I’ve been meaning to mention this, but keep forgetting!  If you’ve used any of my things in an online gallery or anywhere you’d like me to share it, please let me know.

I’ve added a set of two quick pages that would be perfect to use for Mother’s Day layouts.  In fact, they were created with a kit by Sheila Reid called “I Love You Mom”.  As you can see, they are very feminine and could also be used for anything calling for femininity!  You can find them at either one of my stores for $1.75.  Oh, I added another store at Sellfy.  Don’t worry, I will continue to have freebies for y’all.  I will be participating in a blog train at Scrappy Bee and will have something for you come June’s departure.

So, these quick pages are 12×12, 300dpi, quality checked, and you get them both.  For Personal Use only.  I hope you check them out!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and leaving the love – you encourage me!

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