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Tip Tuesday – Clean up your inbox!

How many of you love spam, raise your hand! No, not the canned Spam! Okay, personally I love the stuff, but I’m getting off the processed food. But you know the spam of which I speak. The kind that clutters up your inbox. Or even if it’s stuff you want, it still clutters up your inbox! I shared this tip in my newsletter and although it’s something you’ve probably heard of, you may not have tried it.

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A couple of years ago on Facebook, I began seeing some of my friends sharing this little program called┬áthat they were using to clean up their inbox. I love techy stuff, so I plugged it into Mr. Google and was all prepared to see what awaited me to clean up my inbox. I have four, but one in particular that I wanted to try as it’s the one I set up my AOL account with back in the dark ages. I no longer use the AOL software, but obviously still use them for my email right now. Anyway, that one email is the one I used to sign up for all the accounts we must have nowadays to get rewards, points, freebies, etc. and the time it took to go through all the emails on a daily basis were time consuming. Not to mention all the other emails that come pouring in even despite promises that your email address wouldn’t be sold. The struggle is real.

After pulling up the website, I was skeptical at having to put in my email name and password. So, I decided nah I wasn’t going to do that. I went back to Facebook and checked with my friends to see if this was legit. But, they eased my fears saying the program had to get into my account to pull all the emails together. I was still skeptical, but went ahead and entered my info. Boom. After a minute or so it brought together in one nifty place all the emails that were currently sitting in my inbox as well as many others that had once settled into my inbox. There are some that are duplicated, either by the email address or various email addresses. For instance, I get various emails about the upkeep on my car all the time from the same dealership, but different email addresses. Go figure.

I really wanted to do my own video tutorial on showing you around, but I found a short one (like three minutes) on YouTube that describes it well, so I’ll post that. But it’s easy enough to figure out without the video. I did and I use YouTube all the time to figure out stuff!! The absolutely BEST thing about is that you can unsubscribe from all those pesky spam places right there in one spot. Just hit the Unsubscribe button next to the ones you want to disappear and boom, you’ll be unsubscribed. OR, if you want to stay subscribed, but want to go through them leisurely, you can add them to your Rollup. They won’t appear in your inbox, but you can either log into your account and check them out there, or you may see an “” folder in your saved folders place if you’ve created folders in your inbox. I use a Mac at home and there’s both an “” and “ Blocked” folder in with the folders I’ve created. I’ve never had anything in the Blocked folder and honestly haven’t seen a way to block anything. You can have give you daily updates at a time you choose to view the goodies that await you on your own time without having to wade through them upon opening up your inbox.

The dashboard is very straight forward once you stroll around it and get familiar with it. There is an app for your iPhone, but not sure about your Android. Google Play may have something similar, though. There’s something satisfying about seeing how many emails you’ve been unsubscribed from on the dashboard. I’m currently at 279 emails having been told C-ya! One other thing is that they state you can only use them for one of your email accounts. I haven’t tried any others since there’s just the one that needs continually cleaned up. But no harm in trying if you have more than one.

So, if you haven’t tried out yet give it a try. Here’s a link to the YouTube video I mentioned: Tutorial

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