Sweater Weather Fall Autumn Digital Scrapbook Paper

“Sweater Weather” Paper Pack

Hey, hey!!  We’re slip sliding into my favorite time of year.  Fall, glorious fall!!!!  We live in southeast Texas where it doesn’t get cool until late September.  If we’re lucky.  I’ve been stalking my weather app to look ahead at the 10-day forecast just to see when it dips down into the high 60’s at night.  It’s heaven to open the door to let our doggie daughter out in the morning and feel that first bit of cool, crisp air – our first sign autumn is just around the corner.  Sigh … can’t wait!

As you know, my design muse took a hike in August.  Could not get motivated to create a darn thing.  I’d literally open Photoshop and just stare at it.  A couple of good (designer) friends have really gotten into creating their own doodles and encouraged me to do the same.  I loved to doodle as a kid but faced with a pencil and doodle pad as an adult, nothing came to me.  Nothing.  I literally looked on YouTube for doodle ideas.  How sad is that?!  One friend who also sells on Etsy decided to see if we’d be interested in a challenge type thing to get us motivated.  Uh, heck yes!!!  I do need pointed directions sometimes!  She offered up a fall/autumn theme and color palette.  Pinterest to the rescue and I began to get ideas.  In the meantime, another friend said I could download Sketch onto my iPad and doodle on it, then send the doodle straight to Photoshop.  With two doodling options, I began doodling (I love saying “doodling”, don’t ask why I have no idea), and viola! the challenge kit called Sweater Weather came to life.

I used some typical patterns to flesh out the kit – gingham, plaid, polka dots, etc.  The sweater, mittens, wool cap, and coffee/cocoa cups are my own doodles!  I had fun making them and look forward to incorporating my own doodles in my work.  These papers are non-textured and a bit different than what I usually create.  I have two views, one is the regular kit pack preview and the other is just a preview of the papers I created using my doodles.  These are available in my Etsy shop.  The link is below the first image.  I hope you like them!

Even if you don’t buy them, let me know what you think in the comments and/or share on your favorite social media with the share buttons – I appreciate it!

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Get them in my Etsy Shop here.

Here is just a preview of the hand drawn doodle papers:



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