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Hey all, this is just a sort of quick informational post about my stores, in particular Scrappy Bee.

First, Scrappy Bee is down and probably will be for all of December.  The host couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t (not sure!) back up the site due to it being so supposedly large.  They didn’t inform the owners, apparently, so everything is supposedly gone.  The stores, forum, blog, gallery, etc.  Everything.  Gone.  They said the accounts had been hacked, even Paypal, so it doesn’t even look like we can be paid for now.

Since that is the only store I have currently, I joined Gumroad (since closed) and am beginning to upload my products there.  It’s a painstakingly slow process as I had to repackage everything I had at Scrappy Bee.  Then there’s redoing the kit previews, rezipping everything and even that can be a process depending on individual store upload policies.  But, I did learn that I need to package anything I create in my own LMG packing first, then do other store(s) that I have.   I tell ya, it’s a never-ending learning process!  Not to mention time consuming which keeps me from … creating! lol  But, it is what it is and it’s just part of the thrill of designing!

I put my Etsy store on hold as it costs to list products and I can’t see doing that right now.  I’m leaving the link over at the right in place because you never know when I’ll change my mind.  🙂

I am hoping once the new year begins, I can get busy with blog trains again and have some freebies for you.  I am planning on having a freebie Christmas mini-kit for you soon.

That’s all for now!



Let me know what you think! :)

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