Sneek Preview and Facebook

Hey all!  Nothing new for now but I’m working on it.  The sneak preview shown is another challenge we are working on.  Our fearless leader, Ania, is giving us weekly challenges which will result in a mini kit.  I chose an Easter kit as it should will be ready just in time for Easter.  When is Easter, anyway?  Let me check … ah, yes, April 5.  The day after my oldest’s birthday.  He was born on Good Friday way back when.  Wow.  So many years ago, yet he still seems like a baby.  Can I get an amen from you moms that know that sentiment? 🙂

I’ve also created a Facebook page for Lavender Mint Graphics.  There’s nothing not much there yet as this is all new to me.  Not Facebook, but doing what it takes to get LMG out there.  The Facebook link is up there at the top right next to Pinterest.  Thank you to those who have begun following me or pinning the goodies, by the way.

Doing all the “behind the scenes” things at getting LMG out there can be overwhelming at times, which leaves little time for creating.  I work on tutorials, too, to learn how to make things that all of you can use.  That also explains the time between releases.  But I’m enjoying it all and am hoping to begin selling things soon for those of you who would like to use anything for commercial use.

I’ll try to get something up before the Easter kit is released since that’s a few weeks away.

Take care everyone and thanks for visiting!


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