Oh my gosh, my first ever Challenge Kit!

I joined Pixel Scrapper about a month or so ago because although I’m not a scrapbooker, I adore making graphics and I love the look of all things scrapbooking.  I figured if I was going to learn about putting kits together I needed to join a place to learn how!  I settled on PS to get started.  Great place, great people.  I’m going through and doing some of the old challenges.  This is my first Designer Challenge.  For now, it’s just to put here to view.  Comments welcome!

**UPDATE** – I decided to go ahead and offer this as a the paper pack that is it. I had planned on making a kit, but that train has left the building! These were one of the first things I ever created, but I hope you find it useful!  (2/7/2017)

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LMG_CreamyDesserts_paper_previewDownload here.



  1. Hi Lisa! I’ve been seeing your posts on Pixel Scrapper. Your polka dot papers look fine to me. If you want to send them to me I will take a closer look to be sure they pass QC. Also I wanted to tell you, since you are just starting with this, I would concentrate on kits and let the layouts wait for a while. No need putting extra stress on yourself. My email is listed above.

    1. Hi Pat! I would love to let you take a closer look at them. I’ve been MIA for awhile. My mother has been battling cancer and passed away last week. I hope to get back to PS soon.

  2. I’m loving your designs – just found you today, through the September blog train, and then noticed some more of what you’ve done as it went through some of the challenges to see what was there.

    So sorry to hear about your loss; praying for God’s comfort for you. I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was 33; everyone’s experience is a little different, but I know that it is hard.

    Thank you for participating in the blog train!

    1. Thank you so much, Anita, I appreciate your kind words and prayers. Hugs to you on the loss of your sweet mother. I hope to continue to get better with my designs and so appreciate everyone’s kind comments!

  3. I just found this link to your layouts and was checking out some of your past posts. I love the polka dots & texture of your papers and I hope I amke it back to this site when you add your (ice cream) elements. 🙂

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