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Well, I hope your New Year has been good. Yes, I know it’s already February. Happy Valentines Day, by the way! I do have a new Valentine paper pack coming out, but that’s not the point of this post lol. This year, so far, has been a blur. Aside from getting older – or “more mature” as my mom used to say – which makes the time pass crazy fast, my grandson has been hit by the flu.

Something I don’t think I’ve ever shared here is that my grandson has Down Syndrome. His immune system is pretty much always comprised to some degree and it’s much harder for him to fight off even a common cold. We had babysat him last month and later that evening I got sick with what turned out to be a head cold (the one last has a cough that lasts for weeks). He got sick later that week and my son and daughter-in-law came down with something as well. But for my grandson it eventually it turned into the flu.

He’s now been in the hospital for right at three weeks, having gone through not one, but two episodes of a collapsed lung. He was in PICU for almost a week and a half, heavily sedated and paralyzed as he had a breathing tube, feeding tube, and more IV tubes running in him than I could count. Down Syndrome kids have a high metabolism and they “eat drugs like candy” as one nurse put it. So, he is being weaned off the drugs slowly.

He is a six years old and typically a ball of non-stop energy and it’s been hard to see him go through so much. But we thank the good Lord above for bringing him through this. The prayers being lifted for him have been nothing short of amazing. He is, as of this post, still in the hospital and recovering. He still runs a fever occasionally and is regaining his muscle strength after having been sedated for so long.

So, all that to say my goals of posting more and sharing more has been seriously put aside since I shared that goal! But, if you remember, I mentioned trying to learn Adobe Illustrator. I’m still fighting with it, but did I did follow a You Tube video on making stationery notecards by Teela Cunningham of Every-Tuesday fame.

Since I am changing design directions as previously mentioned and desperately needed to get a new VIP Club sign up gift, I decided to offer the notecards that I made as that new freebie. As always, Club members will get them as well in the next newsletter coming out shortly.

I hope you can use these and enjoy them. Terms of Use and printing instructions are included in the zip file.

As always, thanks for visiting!


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