LMG, a freebie, and Happy Birthday, Mom

Hello all, hope y’all are doing well. I meant to have this post ready to go and as is my typical self, I put it all off to the last moment. Today is a bittersweet day and also the perfect day to share how the name Lavender Mint Graphics came to be.

Today would have been my mom’s 76th birthday. This is the second birthday without her. Last year we got together, just my dad and us “kids” with spouses, and had a dinner followed by a small birthday cake. We managed to sing Happy Birthday without crying (too much) to her. Being that we were at their house (we all live in the same neighborhood), we felt her there. Family was everything to Mom and we had no doubt she was there celebrating with us.

Mom was still alive, but close to the end, when I began this little venture of digital scrapbook designing. I was searching for a name that would incorporate my initials into it. Several years ago I created web sets under the name Lavender Graphics, so it was perfect with my initials, LG. Last year when I went to grab it again, it was taken by a shoe company! As a side note, I recently checked it again and wouldn’t you know, it was available.  Anyway …

So, I knew the “L” was a no brainer – Lavender – being that purple is my favorite color. “G” was also a given – Graphics – because … well, I’m designing graphics! lol The “M” – my middle initial – had me stumped. So, I googled a name generator, put lavender into it and after a few tries, it pulled up “mint”.  Now, this is significant because not only would that meet my middle initial requirement, but it is my mom’s favorite color!  You know the V-8 commercial where you thump your head?? Yeah, that was me at that moment.  When I shared the name of it with her, she thought that was pretty cool.

I remember while she was still at hospice, just before we brought her home as she desired, we talked about how she was going to get to see Jesus and all the beauty of Heaven that awaited her. She would smile and say that she looked forward to seeing her “mint green mansion”. I asked her to make sure my “purple mansion” was there waiting for me.

So, as you can see, the name Lavender Mint Graphics is perfect for me. It has the “lavender” color I love, the “mint” my mother loved, the “graphics” I enjoy making, and to top it all off, it’s my real life name initials. How cool is that?

I had really wanted to get a quick page for you today, but I have been busy this week. So, I’ve made some flairs to go with the kit I made, Memories of Mom, available at my Scrappy Bee Shoppe. As you can see, the kit was born out of the LMG colors and the kit name was perfect.  I’ll also put a preview of the kit in case you want to pick it up.

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mom. I miss you so much.

As always, thanks for visiting.


LMG_MOM_flairs_previewDownload here.

Here’s a preview of the mini kit available at my Etsy Shoppe.



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