Heads Up and New Blog Train coming!

Hey all!  Hope everyone is doing well.  I’ve made some decisions about my older kits and blog train parts.  As I’ve mentioned before in an old, old post far away, I knew little about checking my stuff for quality control before taking a class last year (2015).  I took down a few links to things that I felt were just too bad to leave up.  I was able to go in and fix a few things on some kits that are still up.  BUT, as I get better in my designing I feel a bit squeamish about leaving much of the old stuff up.  So, I’m going to sift through them again and remove kits that I feel are just not up to snuff.  Hope to accomplish this by the end of this month.  So if you want anything, get it now!

I just opened a shop at The Hungry JPEG, which is a fabulous place to get paper packs, fonts, etc.  I will be closing my store at Gumroad soon, not sure exactly when, but I don’t plan on adding anything else there.  BUT, there are freebies there for the time being, so get them while you can.

Blog train contributions.  This is a biggie peeps!!  Any blog trains I participate in from now on will remain FREE for a month after departure.  This will be generally 30 days as some trains are monthly, some are mid-month to mid-month.  After that, the links will be disabled and the contribution will go into my store(s).  I want to say here I greatly appreciate those who take the time to leave some love on not only the blog trains, but any freebies I still have up.

Okay, so I wanted to give you all a heads on up those three things AND to let you know I’m participating in the upcoming Scraps-n-Pieces Blog Train which departs on May 15th, so please be sure and come back to get my part and all the other contributions!  I created a layout template, which is something relatively new for me.  I hope you like it!  Below is a preview.


As always, thanks for visiting!!





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