Free printable To Do lists

Free Printable “To Do” Lists

I’m still in the midst of learning the beast that is called Adobe Illustrator. Frankly, I have much better luck with Photoshop and the two things that keep me opening up AI and trying … again … is it has a recolor tool that is the bomb! If you have a pattern with several colors, you can push a button and it comes up with a whole new look. Then you can add a whole new color palette and come up with yet a whole other look. You can keep pushing said button and get a myriad of looks. It. Is. The. Bomb. And vectors. Vectors is a plus if you want to make sure your doodles or motifs (similar to elements in the scrapbook world) scale at any size and look good.

But, I find I can get more done doodling and coloring on my iPad Pro then bringing them into Photoshop to create the pattern. There’s just so many ways to create patterns it has taken quite awhile to figure out which works best for me. I’m going to try to get in more patterns in an upcoming Instagram pattern challenge. Check out my Instagram or you can even just glance over to the right and scroll down to see some of my patterns.

I wonder how many times I’ve used the word “pattern” so far? 😀

I’m spending so much time trying to learn a new program that I have done little in the way of any freebies here or any new email signup gift. So, I put together a couple of printable To Do lists – or whatever kind of lists you can use them for – to give away here. These are made with two of my patterns and I hope you like them and can use them. They’d be best printed on thicker paper so they’ll hold up better than normal copy paper. One is a mandala design and the other is a swirly flower.

I still need to come up with a new email signup freebie and it will probably be some sort of printable. My current members will receive whatever I come up with as always. 😉 A new post will come when I get that done.

Click the link below the preview to grab your free printables. These are for personal use only, print as many as you’d like. Enjoy!

As always, thanks for visiting!


Free printable To Do lists

Download freebie: To Do Lists

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