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Fasting and a Paper Pack

Happy Friday!!  Hope this finds all of you well and looking forward to the weekend.  I know I am, although I don’t have a clue yet what we’ll be doing.  That’s part of the excitement of the coming weekend though.  What about you?

So, I need your thoughts as I’ve been contemplating my blog over the last week.  I’ve been reading how blogs are supposed to be geared toward a main … THING.  Since my my blog is about graphics, I’ve felt I shouldn’t post about anything other than graphics.  But, I have many interests and have wondered why shouldn’t I share them with you?  I’m talking books, recipes, music, etc.  Heck, I may just throw it all out there and see what happens!

Here’s a topic – fasting.  Do you do it?  I’ve done various styles over the last few years – all in the hopes of ditching weight – with varying degrees of success.  Mainly, little!  I also eat mainly low carb to ketogenic, which helps immensely when fasting.  I’ve long struggled with losing weight – most of my adult life, which sucks!  I’ve also long suspected I had thyroid problems but has always been told I was fine with every TSH only test I had over the years.  I finally asked for a full panel test and wouldn’t you know – I AM hypothyroid!  I’m still playing around with the meds to feel better AND lose weight.  Still waiting!

But, thanks to the low carb community I read a very interesting book about insulin and how that’s the real culprit.  The trick is getting doctors to get up on the latest research.  It’s maddening how far behind doctors are on the latest research.  Don’t get me wrong, I highly respect them.  I just wished the old, tired advice (mainly, “eat less, move more”) would get an overhaul.  I don’t eat as much as it might look and believe me, I’ve done enough calorie counting over the decades to know it.  Even that is outdated – a calorie is not a calorie most of the time.  Grrr.  Anyway.

So, that’s my bit of sharing outside the design realm.  Oh, wait.  I DO have a new paper pack available! lol  This paper pack comes in a damask style design and in the lovely soft pastel colors rose quartz and serenity.  You might already know those are Pantone’s colors of the year.  Leave it to me to not get in on them until the end of the year!  These are available in any of my stores.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and …

As always, thanks for visiting!


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  1. Good luck with the low carbs. I have to watch carbs too, and have found a few quick frozen meals that I fix with a big salad. Look for the Lean Cuisine or weight watchers that don’t have any pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. Just a protein & veggie serving. They sure are handy.

    1. I usually make up some chicken or tuna salad to have with a salad. I used to do the frozen meals long ago, but they began tasting funny to me. But, they are handy for sure. The other thing I love is browning some grass-fed beef, adding full-fat cream cheese and maybe some chopped cabbage or green beans. Throw in some salsa, too. That’s good for a few nights and is great to add some sour cream, cheese, avocado, and boom dinner is done. Or add to a salad. So good!

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