Printable Christmas Tags

Christmas Tags both big and small!

Hey all!  Need some Christmas tags that you can use over and over again?  Year after year??  I’ve got two sets of downloadable, printable Christmas tags in my Etsy Shop for you.  One set is regular size (maybe a wee bit bigger) and the other ones are larger for those bigger gifts.  Use them on packages, gifts, homemade gifts, etc.  Just punch a hole in them and add cord, ties, or ribbons.  Or print them out on sticker paper and use them as labels.

Previews are below with a link to my Etsy Shop.  Once there, go to “Printable Items”.  You’ll find other various things that you can print out to use as tags and some are even suitable for gifting.

As always, thanks for visiting!


These are the smaller tags.  Each are 2.393″ x 4.027″.

Available at:


These are the bigger tags.  Each are 3.93″ x 5.573″.

Available at:


Let me know what you think! :)

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