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“Breathe, Dream, Believe” Printable

You know, you’ll never know what you’ll find lurking on your computer when your design muse takes her occasional hike.  I was going through the ole’ puter cleaning out some things and stumbled on a printable print (that sounds redundant!) that I’d created using my Floral Romance kit back in .. wait for it .. April!!  It was almost completed except for the wording inside the frame.  How crazy is that??

Anyway, this printable is a 5×7 and can be instantly downloaded from my Etsy Store.  It has a slight border that you can keep or use as a cutting guide.  When printing, be sure to print “actual size”.

This can be used as a gift by  just adding a frame to it.  See preview below to see it framed.  Can be used as wedding props, or any other special occasion.  It’s for Personal Use and you can print it as many times as you’d like.

That’s it for now!

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Available at:
Etsy Shop

How it would look like framed 🙂



Print created using my “Floral Romance” kit, also available
in my Etsy Shop:

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