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Hey strangers! Hope everyone is doing okay, enjoying your summer. Myself, I am, but I am so ready for fall!!! We live in southeast Texas and we are fixing to hit the triple digits. We had massive amounts of rain in the spring and now we’re bone dry. Rain is due in a couple of days … yay!

I have been SO busy!!!! I’m in the middle of the Mentor Classes at Scraps-n-Pieces, taking the Intermediate class. I’d have been sunk taking the advanced class at one kit per WEEK!!! And, truth be told, I probably should have taken the Beginner class. Now, I’ve always been up front about the fact I am NOT a scrapper, but love designing, and am new at these types of graphics. I am so appreciative of all of you who hang with me and hope you’ve been able to use my designs.

That said, I am learning how to QC (quality check) my designs so that those of you who like to print these designs out will have them look pretty much like they do on the monitor. Let me tell you … it is a process!! I could never understand why designers are always looking for people to help them out in various ways. It’s time-consuming to QC everything because each paper, element, etc. takes several steps to go through to make sure they’re good quality. This, my friends, is time-consuming. Wait, did I say that already? I hope to go back when time allows and go through all my kits and fix anything I see. Several other fairly new designers in the class feel like I do … we cringe at wondering how much of our already-out-there-designs may not be up to snuff.  But, we press on because we enjoy creating so much!

The good thing is at the end of class we will have a complete kit!! The Advanced Classes have kits available on a weekly basis, I believe, so if you head over there, you can pick up some pretty awesome kits.  The link to the gallery is here.  I haven’t figured out where the links are to those particular kits so that’s the best lead I have!  My class and the Beginner Classes won’t be available until the class is over. I’ll let you know when that happens. We are just finishing up Week 3 and there is six weeks in total. I’ll tell you now, since fall is my favorite time of the year, mine is autumn-themed. This is the biggest kit I’ve ever done and it’s all being QC’d by a pro.

Okay, so now to the particulars of this post.  Before the class started, I did find time to participate in the blog train at Scrappy Bee Beehive Express again for August. I know we are only a couple of days from August, but I wanted to give you a heads up as well as to let you know why LMG has been so quiet for so long.

I’m also participating in the blog train at Scraps-n-Pieces for August, which takes off August 15. So, here are the sneak peeks of my two blog train entries. Be sure to come back by on August 1 for the Beehive Express from Scrappy Bee!

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