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“Afternoon Tea” Digital Paper Pack

I’ve been taking some classes over at Skillshare to learn some new techniques – as I’m quite sure I’ve probably mentioned before. When enrolling for this particular class, I just fell in LOVE with the color palette she was using. Soft dusky mauves, warm brown, and a dusky green. Naturally, I thought what a great pack pack these colors would make. I have no idea why the name “Afternoon Tea” popped into my head when I saw those colors, but it did. The inspiration image had nothing to do with tea – or afternoons!

I decided to make some flowers to throw in the mix with the patterns most of us already love. ┬áPolka dots, gingham, chevron, and stripes. With creating the flowers, then deciding on the patterns, overlays, and textures to give me the look I wanted, it took a couple of days to get to the “that’s it” phase where I like what I see. Then it was on to completing them and packaging them. Hmm. Maybe I should start keeping track of how long it takes from idea to completion just to see how long the different packs take. That might be an interesting thing, if only just for me lol.

I usually put a couple of previews in my Etsy Shop and couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought to do that here! Duh! So, those previews follow the paper pack preview below.

I’m also working on some freebies to add to the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train coming up soon, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

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