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Hey all!  Hope your summer is going well and those of you with kids – are you ready for them to go back to school yet? lol  I always looked forward to the kids being home – just as much as I looked forward to them going back to school!  It was funny to talk to other moms to see how long it was until we heard the first “I’m bored!”.  Usually it was within the first week after school let.

At one point in time, I had my own two children and three step-children.  We lived not far from an amusement park and we had season passes to it as well as the water park next door to it.  We went at least twice a week, sometimes three.  It was an excellent way to get them to clean their rooms, too.  No clean rooms, no park.  Although I’m no longer a step-mom, I still remember those times with a smile as they are good memories despite the chaos!

Okay soooo, I just got linked up with Google+ and to be quite honest, I have no idea how that works!  I’ve added a link up on the top right for you to follow me there.  While I’m thinking about it, I would really appreciate if you could go to the bottom of these posts and share me on whichever social media you’re on.  Whether you buy something or not, it helps me to get out there.  Many thanks 😉

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