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Wow, can’t believe May is already winding down and summer is quickly approaching. I know my posts can be a bit sparse and there are several reasons for that. Besides designing, there is a lot going on that I’m trying to fine tune.  This blog, for one! I’m still tweaking to get a look I like. A self-hosted WordPress blog, like mine is, comes with limited themes and I’ve yet to find one I like. Blogger has a ton and/or is easier to come up with your own theme. So, I tweak and twack when I have a few minutes to change the layout, or move things around, make corrections, etc. when I can.

I think I mentioned rabbit holes in another post. I still find myself down many rabbit holes! Sometimes I begin doing one thing and end up spending time chasing something else tied in with my original quest! I wanted to get a newsletter signup in place. Okay, that was easy enough. But then I had to figure out how to be able to direct those who do to a place where free downloads could be had. I spent a day and a half on that and guess what? I ended up at the same place I started with a WordPress plugin I already had! I felt like Dorothy, with those gorgeous sparkly shoes on, standing in front of Glenda the Good Witch being told I’d always had the power to go home!

I could go on about more rabbit holes, but I won’t. Okay, one more. Most have to do with desiging. I see something I want to recreate on my own and end up searching for days on how to get the look I want. Rabbit holes, I tell you, rabbit holes!

Okay, so I have two main things to share with you. I did a little in the last post, but not much. So …

This is my first venture at selling any of my creations since dipping my toes in the digital scrapbooking world. I don’t mind saying I still feel a bit like a fish out of water since I do not do any kind of scrapbooking. I’ve long wondered if this would be a drawback in my creations since I’m not up on all the different aspects of scrapbooking. Project Life? Got no idea what that is!

What I do know is that back in my pixel and webset days, many of my creations were used. I kept a running list of websites using them and there were many. I love designing. Love making something that looks like you could reach out and grab it on the monitor. Or try my best to make it look that way! So, I figured that despite not being a true scrapper, I can still enjoy creating all the different types of graphics that go into digital scrapbooking. And hope you find them useful!

Whenever I have my moments of doubt, the wonderful group of ladies that I’m part of are always encouraging me. Plus, they pointed out there’s many other avenues of design that I can explore. It can be a bit overwhelming thinking of all the possibilities, but at least there’s a neverending supply of creative options.  With encouragement from aforementioned ladies, I’ve taken a (huge) plunge and opened not one, but two stores. Holy smokes!!

I decided on a themed paper pack collection. I was looking through some color palettes one day to get a kit going and I saw one based on blueberries. Since I was hungry, blueberries and cream came to mind. Then strawberries and cream, peaches and cream, and … well, you get the idea. So, The Creme Collection was born. I originally had them for personal use only, but have since changed them to commercial use. Use them for layouts, invitations, etc. They are sold separately, and each color combo has a textured pack and a non-textured pack, sold separately. I’ve also added some quick pages and will be adding more.  I hope you’ll check them out!

I know everyone likes freebies (hey, I do too! lol), and I will still have freebies for you. I participated in the Beehive Express over at Scrappy Bee and that will go live June 1. So, be on the lookout for that. It will be free, of course!  Okay, so back to this newsletter. Now … I’ve never done a newsletter, I’ll be honest about that. When I had my other graphic sites way back when, I used to send out an update email. That was about it for newsletters back then. I promise not to bombard your inbox with notices. I plan to do it monthly, maybe even space that out a bit. But I have no plans to ever do a daily or weekly thing. I think the only time I’d send anything else out would be if I stumbled on something I think y’all should know about it.

That said, I’ve created a mini kit called “Sun Kissed” and it’s yours free for signing up for the newsletter. The preview is below. Perfect for sharing those vacation photos or just summer fun.  I’ve also created a quick page and plan on creating another one or two that I’ll add to my stores using this kit.  Whoever is brave enough (ha!) to sign up for the newsletter, I hope it works as it should!! Once you sign up, you should receive an email or maybe two. I’ve got it set for a double opt-in option and I think that protects you. It is supposed to also send you a link to the kit zip file.  Please, please, please let me know if it doesn’t work right!! I depend on y’all to let me know if something isn’t quite right, okay??

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. God bless those who gave the ultimate for our country, and God Bless America!

Thanks for visiting!


**8/27/15:  This kit has expired, but there’s a new one if you sign up!**

Get this mini kit free for signing up for my newsletter!


Here are two quick pages that I made using this kit.  They are available in my stores.


**Sorry, no longer available.**


  1. After adding my e-mail in the assigned box, the window went straight to the down load, all loaded as it should have.
    Thank you.

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