“Thankful” mini-kit

Hope everyone is doing well.  Loving the cool weather we’re finally getting in southeast Texas.  I know most of the country north of us is in a deep freeze.  We stayed pretty warm through October, so everyone is thrilled that it’s gotten cooler.  Especially since Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

I’ve been working on three kits, all at the same time.  Two for upcoming blog trains at Pixel Scrapper, and I also wanted to redo a paper pack I previously offered as a mini-kit for Thanksgiving.  I had forgotten about it until I was trying to reorganize files and saw the paper packs.  Now, I admittedly did this one in a bit of a hurry, making the elements all yesterday!  I hope it’s all useable!  I noticed the papers were quite huge when I was zipping them up again.  They were one of the first papers I ever did, so I’m not sure if it’s because of how I made them, or if I didn’t compress them more when I saved them.  My apologies for the huge download for those.  As usual, I’ve got separate downloads for the papers and elements for you.

**UPDATE – 4/30/15** – Did some gamut corrections if you’d like to re-download!  I also updated the terms to PU/S4H/S4O.

Thanks so much for visiting and for all the wonderful comments.  I really do appreciate them all!


LMG_Thankful_kit_previewDownload the elements here.

LMG_Thankful_papersDownload the papers here.


  1. Thank you – they are beautiful!
    We live in Oregon, but made a trip to East Texas last February (Nacodoches, San Augustine, etc.), and we were there for an ice storm. I thought Texas was warm! : )

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